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Posted by Evan on Mar 10, 2016

I was hard at that moment I needed to take come chilling water to cool down the heat. I stood from my seat and stretched my arms, my eyes still glued to the screen. I had been watching these videos.apornstories.com HD XXX videos, later I picked up my cell phone and called Kate again; my sexual desires could no longer allow me any closer to patience. I was so horny at that time!

On the other side, I heard her sexy voice and for a minute I felt like she was already in the room, alone with me. I was inquiring where she had reached at the moment because she was an hour late from the time we had set our date. She confirmed to me that she had arrived, and her big ass was only 200 meters away. I sighed, knowing very well that I was going to get a fair end after the heat I have been getting from those HD sexy videos. It was about to be real, hot and true.

Before I could sit down again, I heard a soft knock at the door. I ran for the door and opened it to meet my gorgeous lady after a week of rushing hormones and lust. I knew I had to have her the whole night that day immediately I answered the door. She stood there looking so beautiful and for a moment I was lost in an erotic imagination before she spoke out asking whether I was going to let her in the house or not; a question I thought was plainly rhetoric. "Of course, darling", I replied.

At that minute, everything became so real. It was like the actual manifestation of what I have been watching all along on the Xvideos XXX videos website. One thing about me is that when I'm watching pornography, I picture myself in the actors' feelings that my world shifts from the actual to the virtual one of the screen; but things were real now, me and Kate under the same roof. From the background the screaming and the groans could still be heard - I had not switched the TV off.

I was careful not to rush things, lest she perceives that it's her curvy, beautiful body, huge tits, wet hairy pussy and big ass I have been intending to play with all along. She stood there still and questioned me in a very sexy feminine voice, "Honey, don't you want me?" it was another rhetorical question, but I was relieved that we were at least sailing on the same boat.

Before I could answer the question, the screams from the lady in the TV got louder and all our eyes shifted to the TV screen. This was the first time we broke eye contact ever since Kate walked into the room. We held our hands tightly as we settled on the sofa, our eyes still on the screen, experiencing the intensity of the content of the XXX HD video.

Suddenly, we both shifted our attention to each other, and we hugged and started kissing. In my closed eyes I could only imagine how real and tangible it was, nothing close to the porno videos I had been viewing that afternoon. I started to play with her big ass, unzipped my cock and we moved to the bedroom for fucking. You can find these XXX sex videos at videos.apornstories.com.

Kate - My Real Pornstar

To be continued...